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Please note: After investigating the cause of the latency issues this FLO pool has incurred from time to time lately we have verified that the issue is not in the pool code or hardware, but is in fact caused by the FLO network itself. This issue effects all FLO pools and solo mining operations at the same time and occurs as the coin gyrates through different levels of difficulty. There is no need to disconnect your miners when this occurs as they are still connected to the pool and as such the network. As soon as the network clears the “hangup” things will immediately return to normal.

Announcing New Pools

Bitezzemining is pleased to announce 2 new pools: Our WDC and CNC Pools are now open!!!

WDC http://wdc.bitezzemining.com/index.php

CNC http://cnc.bitezzemining.com/index.php

FLO Pool Information

If you like this pool please consider donating to help offset operation costs

• FLO Coin Pool is U.S. Based (Detroit, MI)

• Getwork and Stratum Support

• Features Proportional Payout System

• Low 0.75% pool fee

Miner Settings URL: http://bitezzemining.com Port:3333

Please keep your balances low

Please Donate to Ahmed_Bodi LTC: LbMwmQbyYrfJ5ZyRGFhizPjd98C1ct1ugu | BTC: 1Dd18fCRCFztoY1jGFPq7QTmpXSNS8AWck

This Pool was created using software coded by TheSerpher, TheSeven, Moopless, Ahmed_Bodi and the respective coin dev’s